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Why Music Therapy?
Making music helps the body and mind work together, stimulates thinking and expressive skills, and enhances creativity. It also encourages socialisation and builds self-esteem when the child hears what they can do (and the applause that follows).

In western countries, babies and young children are often taken to music playgroups by their parents to enhance their development. Our Music Therapy program aims to provide this same opportunity for some of the orphans in Shanghai.

Within the Music Therapy program we use the repetition of English nursery rhymes and songs, together with actions and percussion instruments to aid literacy, numeracy, and fine-motor skills. The children will have the opportunity to be hands-on with instruments in a controlled creative environment.

When and where?
Each Tuesday morning from 9:30-10:30am at Shanghai Baby Home (meeting at the gate at 9:20 sharp as all volunteers need to enter as a group).

Each volunteer will need to have attended a training and orientation program for Music Therapy before they can be serve at Baby Home. Volunteer numbers are also limited for each session by Baby Home for the safety and security of the children so please ensure your name is on the list for that week before attending Baby Home. Thank you for your willingness to serve in this way.

See VolunteerĀ Application, or email Gin at arcmusictherapy@gmail.com for more information.