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Adoption Resources China has been my most impactful experience throughout my years.

Recently, I’ve had the chance to participate and volunteer in multiple events done by ARC including their recent 2nd Anniversary Party.

I’m in awe and astonished of all the accomplishments of your organization and the services you provide towards the abandoned children of China. The impact you’ve made towards the individuals who in one way or another saw what your organization does is extremely heart warming and gratefully appreciated.

As I move towards high school, I wish to obtain a way to aid the children around the world under inexcusable pain, and to spread awareness about their sufferings.

The reason why I am encouraged to volunteer for ARC is because i believe that it’s a priceless opportunity to put a smile on the faces of many abandoned children. It is surprising how we can touch their lives in many different and very simple ways. I believe that simple things such as helping them decorate a Christmas tree or simply holding them can make an impact and spread joy and happiness towards these adorable little angels.

I deeply encourage others to volunteer and help spread awareness of the sufferings of these children. I encourage everyone to do something, no matter how little, in order to improve the lives of these kids who aren’t as fortunate and help them to reach their fullest potential. This organization has truly made an impact in my life and i will do my very best to support their visions in every way I can. – Ashley Wai