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 I am interested in adopting, how do I get started?

If you have been looking into adoption and live in China, you may have many more questions which are not addressed by your home country or agency.  As an expatriate living in China, you’re in a very unique position and we understand some of the difficulties this may pose.  We are here to help!  Please email us at: info@adoptionresourceschina.org.

The first step is to send us your contact information.  We will then meet with you or your family individually to first gain an understanding of your adoption story and how we may help you reach your goal.


Who can adopt from China?

The best and most current information is on the China Center for Children Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA) website: http://cccwaen.mca.gov.cn/


Can singles adopt from China?

Though this is constantly changing, at the moment a single person may adopt from China, with some exceptions.  Please contact us for further information regarding your status.


Which countries can adopt from China?

Most current information is on CCCWA website, and is as follows:  At present, we have established bilateral cooperation’s in inter-country adoption with 17 countries, including Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, UK, the United States and Italy.


How long does it typically take to adopt from China?

The wait time will be different for everyone; this is a long process and can be very emotionally and mentally draining.  That being said, we know once you have completed your adoption, it will soon be forgotten by the sound of a child’s laughter.  The process differs depending on your country (and state), your independent factors, the child you wish to adopt (such as the age, gender, health status), and the rate at which you complete your dossier.  On average, families should expect to finish a typical adoption from China for a special needs child anywhere between 1-2 years.


How much does an adoption cost?

Adoption costs will vary widely, and is mainly dependent on your state/country, your agency, etc.  Other factors to consider are travel costs, passport and visa, home study and notary costs, fingerprinting, certification of documents, fedex fees, parent training fees, and post adoption fees.  Expect to pay between $25,000-$35,000.


How do I choose an agency?

This is a very personal decision, but not to be taken lightly.  Spend some time researching websites, and reaching out to agencies to get a feel of what fits your needs.  Some people make choices based on cost, location of agency, referrals, availability, previous experiences, or faith based.  While choosing an agency, keep the following in mind – each state will have its own requirements; each agency will have its own parent training expectations, each agency has different relationships in China, including access to different children.  Another consideration is travel; larger agencies may have larger numbers of families traveling, which can be either positive or negative.  Furthermore, if you are an expat, consider asking your agency if they have previously worked with foreigners living abroad, which can make your entire process more smooth.


How is ARC different from other organizations in Shanghai?

There are many wonderful organizations that coordinate and provide medical and surgical services to the vulnerable and abandoned, along with a loving environment to heal.  ARC works with these organizations and is the next step in that spectrum-assisting in finding forever families.  Please read more about this in “Our Vision”.


What if I only want to foster?

Research has proven, that even if you only chose to foster, your love, home environment and advocacy have statistically proven benefits for that child to thrive and significantly enhances their ability to form meaningful bonds in the future. The role you play, by taking a child out of an institution and into your home will dramatically help that child reach their full potential.


What services do you offer?

At the moment, we serve as a consultant to bridge families with waiting children.  Our services include adoption advice, special needs assessment, child vaccination program and medical assessment, family assistance with dossier preparation (from China), including notary of documents, home study planning and assistance, police clearance reports, adoption medical exams for families including children, psychosocial services, as well as adoption networking and support groups.


What are your fees?

We are operating free of cost to families interested in adoption, as we whole heartedly believe in this process and a child’s need for family.  There are some fees that may be incurred outside of our services, which are family and child specific.   However, we understand that adoptions are costly and are committed to helping families reach their goal without the burden of additional expenses.


Why do you need donations?

Your donations will go towards helping children become adopted.  During the post-surgical family care stage, children still continue to have needs that may be outside of a family’s budget; this may include educational and medical costs, translation, transportation, and supplies to name a few.  Additionally, we provide support and care for the family during the transition time, and training for staff to assist families in their adoption walk.


Can I help if I don’t want to adopt?

Yes!  We are always looking for people with a passion for orphans.  We would love to meet you to learn about your unique skills and interests to best fit your volunteer experience.