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In August of 2016, the CCCWA (China’s Center for Children Welfare and Adoption) started a new project which is being termed “Former Shared List (FSL),” a pilot program in which they assigned the current list of children (near 2,500) to US adoption agencies with the hope of updating their adoption files and increasing their chance at finding their own forever family. In conjunction with Gladney Adoption Agency, ARC’s Dr. Mai Xiong and Sylvia Wu, and eight specialists from LIH-Olivia’s Place visited the first of many orphanages to evaluate children from the FSL.

Many of these children, mainly boys, have been on the shared list for ten years or more! Specifically, two of the boys will be aging out this coming July, and another boy had already decided his destiny, by refusing the evaluation altogether. The boys all have various medical conditions, some simple and others complex, but all the same, the entire team was completely surprised by the children’s capabilities and their easy smiles and curious nature. Each child was so special and unique and we found ourselves curious as to why they were still not chosen. Please follow along, as we will be posting advocacy photos and names, stories, for these amazing “forgotten” children.

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