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Thank you to Baby Home for all your support, to Scott and Janell Kelly and to Sarah Furner and her family for proving and supporting Baby Yi during her transitions. Without your help, Sophie would not be able to have a family. I am told she has at least sixteen cousins who are anxiously waiting for her on the other side of the ocean!

Unlike Sophie, some children are still waiting. Sometimes all our efforts, over time, start to seem monotonous and pointless. The struggles during the process somehow diffuses the depth of our ultimate mission, blurring the passion that once fueled our commitment. Sadly, but true, I am now caught in that rut. But today was different. Today, I did the usual, grudgingly heading to that place with a new volunteer. This time, however, it was me that was quite moved. Seeing the emotion and tears through the eyes of a newcomer can affect you and reconfirm your doubts. As she held the little three-month-old, who cooed and smiled, putting her tiny little fist up against her cheek, I couldn’t help but sense the love and peace of that moment. She held her until the baby doze off, falling asleep innocently in her arms, and tears filled her eyes as she struggled to place her back down in her crib, knowing it may be awhile before someone else would hold her so dearly. This child, so young, and yet already without a place in this world. Abandoned and recovered from open heart surgery in her short life, unbelievable yet replicated repeatedly, as evident in the roomful of babies, all with very similar stories. She commented at the perseverance of the nannies, as we both acknowledged with respect the backbreaking hard work, commitment and dedication and hours of love and sacrifice of these little women who also gave so much.

As we headed home, I stared out the window at the passing scenery, reflecting on how surreal our lives could be. Everything outside of the car seemed superficial, excess luxuries and obligations in which we fill our daily lives hustling and bustling from one to another. And at any moment in time, one simple break in the chain can shatter our proverbial existence, knocking it completely off balance. My personal struggle has been in knowing just that, attempting to prioritize my daily routine while knowing what lies in the darkness of these children’s lives, and not wanting to fool myself into believing that it is not my responsibility. We all make choices and decisions every day about how we choose to utilize our talents and our time.
It’s never too late to start something new, so if you have special talents or a desire to help, we are still looking for committed volunteers. We continue to have our Thursday Art Therapy weekly classes, and Friday morning baby massage. Additionally, we will start up our nanny treatment program after the Chinese new year holiday. Please contact us at info@adoptionresourceschina.org

Best wishes for Sophie and her new family!