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Dr. Mai Xiong moved from Connecticut, USA in 2009 to Shanghai with her husband and two boys.  Since arriving in Shanghai, she has worked as a Family Physician for Ruidong Hospital, United Family Hospital, and Shanghai International Medical Center.  During her time in China, She has also been involved in volunteer and charity work. Her experience and knowledge in orphan care work, including:  local orphanages in Shanghai, Luoyang and, Anhui, Baobei Foundation, Love without Boundaries, Shanghai Baby’s Home, Son Flowers, WILL Foundation, Gathering Together, Artificial Limbs, Giving Tree.  Furthermore, she has travelled to India, Philippines and South Korea for mission trips.  She has lived in Shanghai for eight years, and fostered numerous orphans after post-hospital discharge, providing healing for the children in a family home environment. 

Dr. Xiong is mother of four children, three boys: Aaron (AJ) 11 y/o, Anthony 9 y/o and Peter 6y/o.  Her daughter, Angelina, is now 3 years old.  Her two youngest were adopted during her stay in China, and she continues to advocate for family adoptions.