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ARC, adoption resources china, was formed to provide adoptive families living in China with resources.  The most common thing I have heard from others is, “When I came to China, I always wanted to adopt but I didn’t know where to start.”  If you try to find resources online or in the local papers or magazines, there are no listings for adoption resources.  As an expat, we are in a very unique position, and even our home countries though having to process the adoption, may not have had experiences in working with families overseas.  This makes an already complicated process much more so.

As an added level of apprehension, over 95% of children in orphanages have a medical condition.  The complexities of their conditions vary, and this further complicates the decision to adopt.  Recently, we have seen a decline in the numbers of international adoptions.

The vision is that assisting families in the end will affect the child’s forever future.  It will ultimately switch the responsibility and advocacy of the child to the family, in turn ending the ceiling that happens in institutions, which are constantly battling never ending overhead costs.  Furthermore, much evidence has shown that early intervention in a child’s life will lead to improved outcomes in their physical, emotional, psychological and developmental growth.

ARC’s initiates the conversation with interested adoptive parents living in Shanghai, then provides direct support in reaching their goal.  We walk them through the process, from knowing the child’s medical condition, to choosing an agency, completing their dossier, and providing resources for their family and the adoptive child until the adoption is final.

Services provided include:

-social work care for the family and child in transition

-providing drop off day care services for working families

-providing translation of medical records

-providing medical assessments

-providing medical care, such as check up, vaccination, dental care, investigational work up

-providing therapies, such as PT/OT/speech

-providing tutors or education in home (children can’t attend local schools here)

-providing counseling and support groups for foster/adoptive families